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New concussion law limits liability for school districts in Ohio

Concussions can be dangerous for students and adults. To prevent the short-term and long-term health issues caused by concussions, Ohio has a new law aimed to protect student athletes from sustaining concussions.

The new law goes into effect this April. The law requires schools and youth sports groups to teach students and their family members about the dangers of concussions and head injuries. Coaches need to be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of concussions and head injuries.

The law requires coaches and referees to not allow a student with symptoms of a concussion or head injury to practice or play in games. In addition, students are not allowed to play until a doctor has cleared them to play.

The new law also gives schools, coaches and referees immunity in certain cases from being sued by a student who suffered a concussion or head injury.

The law was passed because reports found that many schools districts in Ohio did not have guidelines or standards for ensuring student safety, in particular when a student suffered a head injury.

A survey of 26 Ohio school districts found that seven of them did not have policies for handing students with concussions, five did not require coaches to have concussion training, six did not keep track of how often concussion occurred and six did not access the liability of the school district when students suffered concussions.

Concussions are very common in many high school sports, including football, soccer, hockey, volleyball and even tennis. Ohio decided to pass this law to try and improve student safety as well as decrease the threat of school districts being held liable for student injuries.

Coaches or high schools that are negligent in preventing or treating concussions and head injuries in students can be held liable for their actions.

Other negligent parties can also be held liable for accidents or failure to keep someone safe from a concussion or head injury. Victims and their families should consult a personal injury attorney to discuss their specific case.

Source: State Impact, "Ohio Schools Will Have to Do More to Protect Student-Athletes from Concussions," Molly Bloom, Jan. 24, 2013

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