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Ingredient in anti-bacterial soap could lead to consumer death

For most people, it would be nearly impossible for to avoid getting through their day without utilizing certain products. Ohio residents rely on a variety of consumer goods to get ready in the morning, head to work and get through the workday. Although it is common for these products to be harmless, if there is a manufacturing error or tests prove a product to be unsafe, a consumer could be seriously affected by the dangerous product. This could lead to injuries, illnesses or even death.

A recent report indicates that a commonly used ingredient in anti-bacterial soap could promote the buildup of dangerous bacteria in the nose. This could lead to serious risks that lead to hospitalization and even death.

Family files premises liability suit following toddler's death

Residents in Ohio live in various types of homes. Whether they are an owner, renter or visitor, a house or building could pose several risks to those on the property. An unsafe premises or a negligent property owner could cause the serious injury or even death of an individual. This is why it is essential that property owners attempt to correct any potential dangers on their property. Failure to do this could result in a cause of action against the liable party.

Recently, a Cleveland couple filed a lawsuit against the owner and manager of an apartment building. Their lawsuit follows the death of their 3-year-old son, who fell out of a window on the 17th floor of the apartment building more than three months ago. According to reports, the toddler was playing with his younger brother at his grandmother's apartment when he fell through the seven-foot tall window that stretched from the floor to the ceiling. The young boy fell seventeen stories to his death.

Addressing sex-offender reporting to nursing home residents

When an elderly family member is no longer able to live on his or her own and can no longer care for themselves, a nursing home is often considered. Such a facility often provides them with the ability to carryout their life with aid and supervision. Although it can be beneficial, a nursing home could be the source of some dangers. Nursing home neglect could harm an elderly individual causing them serious injuries.

Lawmakers in Ohio recently commented on a loophole that currently exists when it comes to reporting and notifying residents about registered sex offenders. They seek to close the loophole that currently requires that the neighbors of nursing homes receive notification when a sex offender moves into the facility but does not require the residents of the facility and their families to receive notification.

Ohio parents file malpractice suit for injuries suffered by son

When a loved one suffers an ailment suddenly, they seek help from a medical professional to determine what they are suffering from and how to treat their illness. If a doctor fails to properly diagnose a patient, they could undergo improper treatment or fail to receive treatment at all. This could lead to additional serious medical problems or even death.

After a medical malpractice suit was filed, the defendants named in the suit recently denied the allegations and filed their responses with defenses. The case stems from an incident that occurred when parents in Ohio brought their son in for an ear infection.

Four Loko required to remove caffeine from product due to dangers

Consumers often rely on advertisements and the information printed on or contained with a product. If this is misleading or fails to warn a consumer, they could suffer greatly. This is especially true when a product that was presumably safe becomes a dangerous product. Although the company can take action to make the product safe once again, those who suffer injuries from the unsafe product might have a cause of action for their damages.

It was recently announced by the Ohio attorney general that he and 19 attorney generals from other states reached an agreement concerning the malt beverage known as Four Loko and the dangerous health risks it presents.

Relative injured in house fire after domestic dispute in Ohio

Any firefighter could confirm that some fires just happen. They could be completely accidental and unavoidable. Despite this fact, some fires are due to the negligence of a homeowner or guest. Whether it is by failing to maintain the residence or by doing a dangerous act, those within and around the dwelling could be affected. Suffering a burn injury is not only painful but could require much medical attention and multiple surgeries.

Following a domestic dispute, authorities were dispatched to a residence in Westlake. Ohio firefighters were called to the scene because a suspect involved in an altercation when two relatives set the garage on fire. This occurred around 8:30 a.m. at the two-story residence located on Savannah Parkway.

Dangerous weight loss ingredient could cause consumer injury

Every morning, Ohio residents include various products in their morning routine. Whether it is soap, toothpaste or a beverage, individuals often rely on numerous products to get through their morning. It is common for individuals to consume a morning beverage and take supplements, vitamins or medicine. Although these products are used to benefit the individual, these products could have adverse affects if they are not properly made or used. Thus, these commonly used items could become dangerous products and could seriously harm or injure the consumer.

An herbal coffee drink marketed for weight loss contains a dangerous drug ingredient. The product known as Vitaccino contains an ingredient that was pulled from the market back in 2010 by the FDA because it could cause heart attack or stroke. The ingredient has been marketed under the name Meridia and was sold in the U.S. until it was removed from the market in 2010.

Doctor wins malpractice award for surgical error on his eye

When a person is injured or requires a medical procedure, a doctor or a surgeon is relied on to correct and treat their ailment or illness. Patients put their lives in the hands of medical professionals, especially when they undergo a very serious or dangerous procedure. If a surgical error were to occur, the patient could suffer greatly, risking their health and even their life. This could lead to additional medical treatment or cause the patient to suffer serious medical conditions the rest of their life.

A neurosurgeon at a Cleveland Clinic recently won a medical malpractice claim concerning a surgical procedure performed on his eye. The required surgery stemmed from an incident that occurred when the neurosurgeon was himself performing a procedure. During the procedure, bone chips entered his left eye. This required later surgery on his eye.

Most cases of nursing home neglect could be prevented

As loved ones age, Ohio residents often consider what is best for their elderly family members. For some, it is important that they receive around the clock medical care. In these cases, putting them in a nursing home facility is in their best interest. Although these facilities can be extremely helpful, they are sometime plagued by instances of medical negligence and nursing home abuse. When a reasonable standard is not upheld at the facility, loved ones might have a cause of action against the nursing home.

A recent report focused on the issue of nursing home neglect and how some cases of abuse and negligence in the nursing home could be prevented. Medicare's inspector general reported that recent findings indicated that one in three patients in nursing homes suffered medication errors, infections or injuries.

GM recalls part after several deaths linked to defective product

Ohio residents often rely on automobiles to get to and from work as well as other places. For some, much thought goes into the purchase of a new or used vehicle while others just seek a working vehicle that will get them to their destination. Whatever the reason for purchasing a vehicle, all drivers intend to travel in a vehicle that is safe for everyone riding in it. Even though the makers of vehicles intend to keep passengers and drivers safe, automobile design defects could lead to serious and even fatal accidents.

The investigation by Congress is ongoing and their focus has widened following fatal accidents involving some of General Motors' (GM) automobiles. In addition, federal prosecutors seek to establish whether GM is criminally liable for defective products and failing to disclose the defects that some automobiles might have.

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